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Multi-Hit Mass Workouts

Q: I’m new to your Positions-of-Flexion mass training, but it makes a lot of sense. I just got the POF e-book 3D Muscle Building, and I’ve tried most of the bodypart routines. Maassive pump. Should I always use that exercise order–midrange, stretch then contracted–for best muscle-size gains?

IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #701:
Multi-Hit Mass Workouts


Multi-Hit Mass Workouts

Q: I’m new to your Positions-of-Flexion mass training, but it makes a lot of sense. I just got the POF e-book 3D Muscle Building, and I’ve tried most of the bodypart routines. Maassive pump. Should I always use that exercise order–midrange, stretch then contracted–for best muscle-size gains?

A: We used to never stray from that order because of the proven size-building synergy–but as you’ll see, we’ve found order change can trigger new MASS gains. Let’s look at the standard order first…

1) Midrange: You get the most muscle fibers involved on these compound exercises because they are the most natural movements. Your muscles are designed to work together as a team, as in a close-grip bench press for triceps–your delts and pecs help to hit the MASS of the tri’s on that exercise.

2) Stretch: To wake up dormant fibers, you next move to the stretch-position exercise–for tri’s that’s overhead extensions. Forcing the tri’s to fire out of a stretch against resistance triggers the emergency myotatic reflex, which can bring NEW fibers into the action. (This is very important for extreme growth: Remember the animal study that produced a 300 percent muscle mass increase with one month of stretch overload.)

3) Contracted: Now that you’ve got most of the target muscle’s growth fibers engaged, you isolate the muscle and choke off blood flow with a continuous-tension contracted-position exercise–like pushdowns for triceps. That occlusion effect has been shown to supercharge growth–plus, it’s another new angle of pull that can get at a few more fibers.

As you can see, that full-range, complete target-muscle attack is why STANDARD POF exercise order works so well and pumps you up big; however, we’ve discovered that mixing up the order can also create major ANABOLIC DRIVE…

Contracted move first. This is modified Pre-Ex 3X, and it has you isolate the target muscle up front. Now when you go to the midrange exercise after, you’ve pre-fatigued the target and the smaller helper muscles can push that muscle further past the GROWTH THRESHOLD. For example, for delts…

Contracted: Lateral raises, 3 x 10
Midrange: Presses, 3 x 10
Stretch: Cable laterals (arm moves in front of body), 4 x 10

Midrange move last. This one is modified C-S Pre-Ex–you do Contracted first and Stretch second (that’s the "C-S" designation), saving the big midrange move for last. That gives you pre-fatigue upfront, then a growth-fiber wake-up shake-up with stretch. No, you won’t be able to use as much weight on the midrange move, but you’ll feel the target muscle working like never before–and the pump will be unreal…

Don’t shy away from that last one because you have to use less weight on your compound move. It’s exactly how pro bodybuilder Evan Centopani packed more beef onto his stubborn chest. He said he doesn’t do one rep of presses before he does at least four sets on a pec deck (contracted) and another four sets on dumbbell flyes (stretch). Results…

We’ll have more Positions-of-Flexion variations for extreme mass creation in future e-zines…

Till next time, train hard–and smart–for BIG results.

–Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson

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