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How to Get Bigger Traps FAST…An insane technique that gives rapid results even in stubborn traps

Traps (short for trapezius muscles) are awesome. Nothing gives you that look of power like a set of big, ugly traps sticking out the top of your T-shirt.

If you’ve struggled to get those big traps…doing shrugs, rows, deadlifts, etc., all without any luck, I’ve got a technique for you that is effective and yes, truly insane.

The main problem is this…the traps are a muscle that can really take a beating. And the addition of a few shrugs at the end of your workout often isn’t enough to get a growth reponse from these tough muscles.

To really see results, you need to put MASSIVE overload on the traps.

We’re going to accomplish that by doing a set of dumbell shrugs between EVERY single set of every workout you do…doesn’t matter if it’s back, chest, legs…whatever. In between EVERY set, you’re going to do a set of explosive shrugs with a moderately-heavy set of dumbells for about 8 to 10 reps (stay just short of failure and squeeze at the top of every rep).

You can bring the the dumbells around with you wherever you go in the gym or you can just pop back to the dumbell rack between sets and do your shrugs there. Whatever works for you. Just at some point in your rest period between sets of whatever it is you’re doing that day, do a set of shrugs.

The idea is to put that massive volume overload on the traps to force them to grow. Your body will adapt to whatever stress you put on it…and doing shrugs in this fashion is going to put your body in an emergency situation, telling it that the traps need to grow and FAST.

Do this for at least 2 weeks and see what a difference it makes in your traps.

Oh, and don’t expect to be turning your head very quickly during and after the first few days of this… ;) Seriously.

And to answer your NEXT question, yes, you can do this with other exercises. Traps are great for this because working them won’t really interfere with any other bodyparts you happen to be working. And they can take the beating and thrive on it.  Some exercises will just be too demanding to allow you to benefit from this type of volume but db shrugs are perfect for it.

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