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So…. I actually did some meal prep the other day. Meal prep means smaller portions and slightly blander food, but it’s necessary. I think the first few days are the worst. You get used to it after that. Meal prepping definitely holds me accountable. I mean, you can’t have a fridge full of food and not eat it. Waste of money. So I do. All perfectly portioned. But it’s not just simply chicken rice and broccoli…

I actually follow a more “as long as it fits my calories” model when it comes to eating. I choose somewhat healthier foods, but not strictly clean foods. For instance, my lunches this week have been pasta. Portioned accordingly. But I find that it keeps me from craving other ridiculous foods. Sometimes I’ll do a burger, but with half a bun and a salad or veggies. I allow myself to indulge, especially when out with friends. I allow myself to have a few drinks here and there, but nothing too extreme. Don’t get me wrong, I go on my binges, but I always find myself right back where I need to be. I feel that if you have slightly more variety and worry less about how “clean” it is, you: a) are much happier, and b) don’t have to worry about crashing your metabolism.

But, I have discovered that a local business does meal preps for you! I mean, Hallelujah! I love cooking, but it can be tedious sometimes. I think I am going to give them a shout and see about how much it’s going to cost me and what they have to offer. Let’s face it, some meal prep companies are expensive, and I’m still a poor college student until September. So I guess we’ll see how that goes. Either way, I am definitely back on track to get bikini ready…

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