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Matt Mendrun and Jen Aragon


Height: 5’10”  Weight: 191

Age: 26

Bodypart split: Sunday: chest; Monday: legs; Tuesday: back; Wednesday: off; Thursday: shoulders; Friday: arms; Saturday: off

Sample bodypart routine
DB presses, 2 x 20 (warmup), 3 x 10 (work sets); front raises, 3 x 12, supersetted with shrugs, 3 x 20; lateral raises, 3 x 12, supersetted with shrugs, 3 x 15; bent-over laterals, 4 x 10; reverse machine flyes, 4 x 10; upright rows, 4 x 10

Factoid: “Eating is a hobby of mine. I will drive anywhere from San Diego to Bakersfield for a good restaurant. I take pics of all my food. I have seven albums on Facebook dedicated to food.”



Height: 5’4”  Weight: 124

Age: 27

Bodypart split: Monday: hams, glutes; Tuesday: shoulders, back, abs; Wednesday: glutes; Thursday: bi’s, tri’s, chest, abs; Friday: quads, glutes; Saturday: abs and misc; Cardio: every day

Sample bodypart routine: A few exercises using 3 x 12-15 or 4 x 12-15, depending on the day.

Factoid: “I’m a children’s director for a nondenominational Christian church. I have a three-year-old son, Taj Keoni.”

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