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Loretta Heystak Training @ GoldsGym ByJerryFredrick2013

Age:  37
Weight:  135 pounds
Height:  5 feet, 4 inches
Age began training:  16 years old.

Why did I start training:  My father got me into weight-training  because he wanted to raise me a strong girl, not a girly-girl.  He wanted me to be able to protect myself and my younger siblings.  I actually started training with weights before the age of 16 with hand-me-down weights and body weight exercises, such as sit-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, and exercise metal springs.  I transferred to a bigger high school, which had a weight room, for my junior year.  I work out in the weight room during every lunch hour.

Bodybuilding titles:  Ms. Muscle Beach 2013

Number of days per week you train: Six days a week.

Your body part split:  I train six days a week, and I take Mondays off.  I don’t have a particular routine, per se.  I train according to how I feel that day.

Sample Routine:  I am a fan of a lot of descending drop sets, super sets, and giant sets.  For example, I will do alternating bicep curls while seated. I will start with
25-pound dumbbells and do 10 repetitions.  Then, I will do the same with 20 pounds, and 15 pounds.  Then, I will finish off with alternating hammer curls with 10 pounds.  I do all of this with no rest.  After I finish the whole drop set, I will rest for about a minute and then do a total of four drop sets, with one-minute rest in between.

Factoid:  I am a former U.S. Marine and high school wrestler.  My favorite animal is the panda.  I love playing baseball.  My favorite baseball team is the Oakland Athletics.

Can be reached at:  I can be reached at [email protected] and at my Facebook fan page at

Diet:  I am on a vegan diet and have been this way since May 16, 2012.  I eat no junk food and drink no alcohol.  I don’t smoke and remain a natural athlete.

Supplements:  I drink plant-based protein powder.  I also take multi-vitamins and other essential vitamins.

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