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ironmanmagazine.comThe latest research has been all over TV, talk radio and the Internet—so we won’t keep you in suspense. It involves a fruit, one that we’ve been singing the praises of for years. We eat one every day—apples.

Here’s what the December 17, 2013, edition of Science News reported: “Prescribing an apple a day to all adults aged 50 and over would prevent or delay around 8,500 vascular deaths such as heart attacks and strokes every year in the U.K.”

The study was, obviously, a study done in the United Kingdom, but it applies to people all over the world. The researchers said that an apple a day does appear to “keep the doctor away,” similarly to the healthful cardiovascular benefits of statin drugs for those over 50—but without the side effects.

More good news: Recent research shows that apples are one of the best fruits for regaining youth and to help reduce bodyfat. How great is that?

According to the May/June ’12 Life Extension, a recent study “using 600 milligrams per day [of apple polyphenols] followed patients for 16 weeks. It demonstrated a 9.4-square-inch loss of visceral fat in the supplemented patients…. Meanwhile, placebo patients gained 3.3 square inches.”

Visceral fat is the most dangerous kind—hard on your heart. It collects around the organs and is a key contributor to belly fat—that rock-hard bloat.

The same article discussed the longevity benefits of apples: “In the last year alone, scientists from three different laboratories have published studies that demonstrate how polyphenol molecules derived from apples extend life span in various species by as much as 12 percent.

“One polyphenol, phloridzin, which is heavily concentrated in the skin of the apple, also potently suppresses several processes leading to glycation, another contributor to aging.”

Which variety is best? Well, those power-packed polyphenols are found in the apple’s skin—and that’s what causes the fruit’s rosy hue. So the redder the better. And the thicker the skin, the more polyphenols. So, the winner is-—drum roll please—Red Delicious.

Bottom line: An apple a day can keep not only the doctor away  but also aging, belly fat and premature death at bay.

—Steve & Becky Holman


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