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Let It Snow! But Not on Thursday, March 5th

Today was a great day considering it snowed 10 inches in Dover, Delaware. The snow started to fall around 4 pm yesterday and ended around 4 pm today. I didn’t have to go in to work today so I used this 3-day weekend to catch up on some emails and prep for the trip out to Columbus, Ohio to cover the Arnold Sports Festival, March 5-8. Most of the roads should be in good shape by Thursday morning when I make my hour and a half trek to BWI. The weather in Columbus looks good for the time I’ll be at the Arnold; 40’s and 50’s according to the Weather Channel.

I remember last year a big snow storm hit Columbus a few days after the Arnold. Then a day or so later Dover got a little bit of that storm. By then all of the photos and videos were posted to the IRON MAN website and the 2008 Arnold was just a memory. I can’t believe a year has gone by; this will be my third Arnold.

One big event prior to the Arnold every year for the last 2 years is my grandson’s birthday; Gabriel Roland Farmer who turned 2 years old on Feb 28th. My birthday is on February 1st, so we bring in and take out February with a bang.

Before I started to dig out the cars and driveway, I had my wife Sue take a picture of Gabe and me sporting our Tony Nowak IRON MAN knit caps. The caps came in real handy today as the temperature was in the mid 20’s with the wind chill around 10 degrees. I spent about 2 hours brushing and shoveling and that was plenty of cardio for me. Luckily the snow was fluffy; that wet snow is a booger to shovel. Hopefully this was the one and only snow storm we get this year. Gabe didn’t stick around to help, he just wanted to play in the white stuff. I did explain to him not to eat any yellow snow; I don’t think he totally understood what I was trying to tell him. Anyway, it was great to witness Gabe’s first experience in the snow. I see the snow and cold in a different way, especially when Merv Petralba emailed me and said it was in the 80’s by him the last couple of days. Hey Merv, don’t forget your knit cap this year. That’s another blog entry about that story.

See you all in Columbus!!

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