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Joy for “Phatboi”

807mpf0859Scott “Phatboi” Turner had two major reasons to jump for joy in February. First was seeing his name (and pictures) in lights as one of my Rising Stars in the April issue of IRON MAN (check out page 294). Secondly was the announcement that the number of pro cards that can be obtained by the men at this year’s USA has been increased from two to three.
“Think a Middleweight has a shot at getting one of those pro cards?” Turner asked via email shortly after hearing the news. “Sure,” I wrote back-which Middleweight are you thinking about?”
Since Turner hasn’t responded, guess he didn’t appreciate my wit.  And, if you haven’t figured it out yet, knuckleheads, Turner is a Middleweight. A high-ranking Middleweight at that. The 5’4″, 176-pounder out of Scottsdale, Arizona has been third on two different occasions and, even though the guy really felt he could take his division in Las Vegas at the end of July, landing in the top two and moving on to the pros was far fetched. Even in the mind of a confident competitor like Turner.
I highly applaud the NPC’s decision to hand out three pro cards to the men; at the Nationals all seven class winners are allowed to move on to the next level. Thus, this is just, at the very least.
And yes, “Phatboi” (who, obviously, is anything but what his nickname suggests when he steps on stage), the champ in the 176-pound class surely can land in the top three-although it won’t be an easy task finishing ahead of the Superheavyweight, Heavyweight or Light Heavyweight winner, the obvious choices at first glance.
Hey Scott, since your lady, Diana Tinnelle, will be making her pro debut at the Ms. International on Friday in Columbus, Ohio, I’d say it’s only appropriate for you to enter the flex-for-pay circuit, too.
The decree has been changed-now it’s up to you.

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