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Leslie McCampbell, Jr.

Leslie McCampbell, Jr.It was fall 2007 when his buddy took away his popcorn. That started it for Leslie McCampbell at 17, 6’ tall and a not-fit 252 pounds. Leslie kept saying that he’d start to diet tomorrow. His best friend, Domenic, finally just grabbed the popcorn out of his hands and said, enough!
And for Leslie it was enough.

Being out of shape wasn’t going to fit in with his goal of becoming an officer in the United States Army. So the very next day Domenic took him into the gym, and the workouts started. Leslie also found and magazines like IRON MAN to help supply the information he needed about diet and lifting. Now he’s 178 pounds and has a full ROTC scholarship at the University of San Francisco.

Once upon a time, Leslie spent all his spare time playing games on the computer. Now he spends that time on Reading up on fat loss was once his focus, but now he’s more interested in bulking up—which is a little more difficult because of school demands and because he does lots of running. He uses supplements and whey protein from BSN and Gaspari.

Leslie now finds himself in the spotlight. On BodySpace, the online fitness community at, lots of people ask him for advice about trimming down and want to know how he did it. He also recently found himself featured as’s “Teen Transformation of the Week.” That’s quite a distinction, as the online community has some 400,000 members.

When I told Leslie that he was going to be the IRON MAN BodySpace Physique of the Month, it was the day before his dad, Leslie McCampbell Sr., was due home from Iraq. Both Leslies came to the photo shoot, and Dad says he’s sure proud of his son and what he has done to get healthy.

I can tell you something else: Leslie is sure proud of his dad.

You can visit Leslie McCambell Jr. at his BodySpace on His moniker is “ogdefense.” Just go to, say hello ­and find someone to take away your popcorn.

Editor’s note: For more BodySpace bodies and info, visit

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