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Today I met my good friend, Briesen Cooper for a leg workout at Gold’s Gym. Briesen is making the transition from Bikini competitor to Figure competitor. She has tremendous potential and will be making a splash in Figure this year!
Anyway, she wanted to workout on her lunch hour and actually has only 30-35 minutes to train at lunch time….which made me very nervous when she told me that she already had the workout planned!
Here’s what we did:
Horizontal squat machine 4 sets 15 reps 30-45 second rests
Super-set DB squats and 45 degree angled lunges 4 sets 15 reps per set with only 20-30 second rests between super-sets
Leg Ext/Seated Leg Curl supersets 4 sets 15 reps 30 second rests between super-sets

My glutes are screaming and my quads and hams are shakey just 7 hours later. I can’t imagine how sore my glutes are going to be tomorrw when I get on the plane to travel to LA for the Fit Expo this weekend. Come visit me in the Ironman Magazine booth and don’t be surprised if I look like I’m in pain!

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