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Laura Bailey

She goes by the name “Jumper11” on BodySpace for good reason: “Jumper11” can jump. I kept her jumping in front of the camera in the Pit at world-famous Muscle Beach and along the water at Venice Beach, and I must tell you that the girl can fly. I have seldom found a more energetic, fun and athletic person to be the subject of one of my photo shoots.

A track and cross-country star, Laura can also hurdle, play volleyball and soccer, throw herself around in gymnastics and dance. She’s an athlete who was told at age 14 by her volleyball coach to start working out. After coaching track in 2004, she joined a gym to “get back into shape,” saw the physique of her new gym trainer and decided to build herself one like it. Her trainer also introduced her to the world of figure competition. Now at age 33 Laura’s taken that physique onstage at 25 figure competitions—as she says, she’s “a competitor at heart.”

A college instructor in psychology, sociology and philosophy, Laura decided in 2001, after finishing her doctorate, that her calling was teaching. She’s a lover of travel, and she’s quick to laugh at herself. Laura says she would move to Costa Rica if given the chance.

She has another passion: writing. That brings us to BodySpace, where she is one of the all-time most popular members of the online community at of more than 500,000 people who have the common interest of health and fitness. As “Jumper11” she writes interesting posts on her BodyBlog, sharing experiences and ideas with other BodySpace members. Both “encouraging and motivating” is how Laura describes BodySpace; and it’s certainly how she is described by everyone there. That brings up another theme that runs through the online talk about her: “Love her.”

So go to “Jumper11” on, and between her writing, running, lifting, competing and traveling, spend some time with her; it will be time well spent. That’s for sure.

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