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Late-Night Munchies

ironmanmagazine.comWe have all suffered from late-night snack attacks, but what are the best late-night hunger crushers for bodybuilders? According to Troy Adashun, a nutritionist and expert in fitness physiology, “There are plenty of options when you are late-night snacking. You’ll want something that will break down slowly and feed your muscles nutrients and protein to recover throughout the night.” A casein protein shake is a terrific choice. Casein powders come in various flavors and have an incredible concentration of muscle-building amino acids that release slowly into your system as you sleep. Greek yogurt is another good option. It’s a great muscle builder due to its high fiber and protein and the fact that it’s low in sugar. Chowing down on eggs late at night can help boost testosterone and take your muscle building to the next level. And, finally, one small serving of cottage cheese is loaded with casein protein, very low in carbohydrates and extremely filling. So snack away, and grow for tomorrow!

—Ninette Terhart

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