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Killer Arms in 6 Work Sets

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Regardless of all the benefits we know we get from bodybuilding and living a healthful lifestyle, the common reason that so many of us walked into a weight room for the first time is that we wanted big arms. For years we’ve longed to have mountainous biceps supported by titanic triceps bursting out of our shirtsleeves.

What if I shared a strategy that can help you achieve the arms of your dreams with only six work sets? That’s not a typo—six work sets. High-intensity training is the key to opening the gateway to growth. Get a partner—because it would be a crime to have this kind of fun alone. Plus, you’ll need a spotter.

Let’s do this!

Barbell preacher curls. Before we get into the sets and reps, let’s cover a couple of critical points regarding form. First, make sure you stop an inch or so before your arms lock out, and then curl the weight up. That keeps constant tension on the muscles. Second, understand that rep speed is more important than what you’re lifting. Make sure you take at least three seconds to lower the bar. Don’t let gravity dominate.

[Seated dumbbell curls] enable you to work each arm independently, and you can turn them outward for extra emphasis on the peaks.

You are going to do two warmup sets of 15 and 10 reps, with light and moderate weight, respectively. You should not reach failure on these. Now take a two-minute rest as you load enough weight on the bar that you will reach failure at six to eight reps. If you can do nine reps, you didn’t go heavy enough. As you do your work set, your partner should be ready to push you through the last rep or two. Make sure you return the favor.


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