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Ken Williams

His best friend was a barstool, and the only six-pack he was interested in was beer. All that’s changed for Ken “KenStar” Williams, however, because of a trip to the hospital and the gym across the street from his apartment.

Ken started drinking in high school, and over the years beer and vodka became central to his free time and his social life. For so very many like this 39-year-old, it was never actually a problem until a fateful day three years ago when he woke up vomiting blood. That event and his subsequent three-day stay in the hospital “scared the hell out of me,” says Ken. The doctors told him that he had to change his life—no more 12 beers a day and hard booze—or he would die young.

Wondering what to do with his time without drinking, Ken realized that there was a gym right across the street from where he lived. So he picked himself up, went over and joined, and it changed his life. Choosing the better alternative, he devoted himself to learning and lifting. He learned from talking with other members and devouring all of the magazines, including IRON MAN. His recovery wasn’t easy in the beginning, but the exercise and consistency made the difference and kept him on track.

Working out revealed the “KenStar” underneath it all. In high school he’d excelled in football and baseball, and he’d always envied and imagined himself having a gym-built body. While pursuing that dream, Ken discovered after seeing a T-shirt someone was wearing. That led him to become a member of BodySpace, the online community of people interested in heath and fitness. Now he shares advice, inspiration and motivation with other BodySpace members.

Ken’s life change has given him something besides his health. It has given him a “future that is bright,” he says. He can now plan 10 years ahead and think of himself owning a company like the one at which he works, and he adds that he can see himself finding the right woman to be his soul mate. I have a lot of admiration for Ken, and I hope you do too. Visit “KenStar” on—or go directly to

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