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Kat Meows at the NAC

LibermanNAC09KatCrWbThe NPC and IFBB’s new bikini division attracted an attractive lineup at the North American Championships last weekend in Cleveland, August 28 and 29, although it was nowhere near as large as the group that assembled in Las Vegas to contest the USA Bikini Championships a month ago. The overwhelming choice for the open bikini overall, based on reports, was a gal who got my attention earlier in the year, Kat Holmes. The 5’4 1/4” ballroom dance teacher from Panama City Beach, Florida, is a natural for bikini competition and did some 10 shows this season in her quest for a pro card. At the USA, where she got fourth, the worst placing of her run, her physique was a little too loose, particularly in the lower body. Based on the photos, that was not the case in Cleveland.

Additional pro cards went to Kira Rivera, who won the masters and also took her class in the open, and Jessica Lawrence, the runner-up for the overall in the open division.

Also winning her class in the open division was Gillian Risebury. It’s worth noting that masters bikini competition is so far not attracting anywhere near the hordes of over-35 hotties as are flocking to masters figure. I suspect that will change, but how big an attraction it will be remains to be seen.

See below for complete NAC Bikini results.

’09 IFBB North American Bikini Championships

Bikini A
1) Gillian Risebury
2) Atenea Lara-Gavino
3) Nicole Klasnick
4) Stephanie Sewell
5) Sarah Potts

Bikini B
1) Kira Rivera
2) Kimberly Castle
3) Melissa Grady
4) Debra Dunn
5) Nicole Rubinoux
6) Clare Cui
7) Grace Carney
8) Michelle Lamb

Bikini C
1) Kat Holmes* **
2) Sunshine Moose
3) Tanya McCort
4) Danyell Johnson
5) Elizabeth Radinovic
6) Kathryn Rice

Bikini D
1) Jessica Lawrence**
2) Missy Coles
3) Kristin Romine
4) Elise Firestone
5) Judy Weichman
6) Vanessa Rose
7) Kristin Bittner
8) Sherry Hasty

Masters 35 and Over Bikini A
1) Kira Rivera* **
2) Melissa Grady
3) Debra Dunn
4) Stephanie Sewell

Masters 35 and Over Bikini B
1) Renee Jars
2) Judy Weichman
3) Sherry Hasty

* Overall winner.
** Earned pro card.

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