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Karen McDougal

Karen McDougal

Height: 5′ 8 1/2″
Age: 34
Weight: 124
Hometown: Sawyer, Michigan
Current residence: Los Angeles and Arizona
Occupation: Model, host and actor

Workout schedule: “I train four to five days a week, usually working tri’s and bi’s on one day, legs on one day, shoulders and back with a little chest on one day and then cardio on all the other days. I just recently started doing ab training.” Sample bodypart workout (legs): Single-leg squats, 3-4 x 10-15; squats, 3 x 10-15; walking lunges, 3 sets; hamstring curls or stiff-legged deadlifts, 3 sets

Favorite foods: “My favorite bad foods are pizza and donuts and a lot of chocolate. For good foods it’s chicken and steak. I love to eat!”

Factoids: “I taught prekindergarten before I got into the entertainment business. At a swimwear contest I met a Playboy photographer, and I tested for Playboy. I was Miss December 1997 and then was honored as Playmate of the Year in 1998. Later, I was picked to be the Readers’ Choice #2 Playmate of the ’90s (behind only Pam Anderson). I’ve worked as a TV host and been in a few movies. I’ve modeled in national and international ad campaigns and continue to model.”

Future plans: “I would love to host a TV show of my own while continuing to model. I also want to have children. I have a great love of children, and in the distant future I’d like to open a learning center for kids.”

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Photography by Michael Nevuex

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