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Josephine Dalton

This show veteran, who says she’s more comfortable onstage than almost anywhere else, has done about 45 figure and modeling competitions in the past few years, despite health problems that include migraines, seizures and hypoglycemia. She’s appeared in many magazines, including Maxim. Or you may have seen her working a booth at one of the many bodybuilding and fitness trade shows she’s appeared at around the country.

“The fitness lifestyle keeps me strong, agile, healthy and looking good,” she says. “It also helps my world run more smoothly.” Without it, she says, she’d never be able to keep up with her nightclub job in Las Vegas along with everything else she does.

Josephine’s healthful lifestyle extends to the people she hangs with, including her boyfriend Geoff Gouzy. Also a fitness enthusiast, Geoff works part-time as a trainer while holding a full-time job with one of the airlines.

Visit Josephine on Body­Space at You’ll find her member name easy to remember, “JosephineDalton.” Tell her you saw her here in IRON MAN! IM

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