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Johan Fehd Karouani

Photographed at Gold’s Gym, Venice, California


7307-mind2Johan Fehd Karouani

Age: 28  Weight: 250

Height: 6’1”

Bodypart split: I train every day and will take a day off once every two weeks if I feel I need it, but I don’t have a regular bodypart split. It depends on the muscle I feel is the most rested. I work calves three times a week, chest once, back twice, arms twice, shoulders and traps once, legs once or twice and abs three times.

Sample workout, legs: leg extensions, 5 x 15; incline leg presses, 5 x 30; hack squats, 4 x 15; squats, 2 x 20, 2 x 15, 2 x 12; legs curls, 2 x 25, 2 x 15, 3 x 12; dumbbell deadlifts, 5 x 20

Factoids: I was born in Marseilles, France, and raised in Morocco. I competed in bodybuilding in France and also as a pro wrestler for four years. My nicknames are “JFK” and “the Panther.” I have a sweet tooth, so I eat sweets often and have to burn it off by training more. Everything in life is about balance.

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