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Jeffrey Simone

Jeffrey SimoneThe first thing that you notice about Jeff when you visit his BodySpace profile at is that he’s the definition of ripped. Not huge, but when his bodyfat is all the way down, you see every ripple in every muscle. Even so, there’s a lot more to “DicedOne” than his condition.

For starters the 27-year-old from San Diego is a Navy corpsman. That can be one serious job; corpsmen serve in military hospitals and clinics and provide primary care for sailors aboard ships. Jeff is studying to be a doctor.

And there’s more: He is married and a dad, devoted to his church and community service. Add that to a work schedule that can suddenly change to longer hours and different shifts, and you find a guy who can thrive on almost no sleep and still get his workouts in and pay strict attention to his diet.

Jeff can find himself in the gym at 1 a.m., 5 a.m. or even 10 p.m. He manages to do it six days per week. Needless to say, he gets a lot of support from Tricia, his wife of seven years. To stay ripped, Jeff eats six to eight times per day, sometimes even nine. He varies his diet to achieve different goals, but he carefully controls proteins and carbs, and he supplements with whey protein, vitamins, NO products, creatine and omega-3s.

Currently he’s 5’10” and 192 pounds, but he was once 40 pounds overweight. There came a day that he just decided that he no longer wanted to be fat, and he discovered and BodySpace, where people who make health and fitness their lifestyle get together online. “BodySpace is motivating, provides positive feedback and is always uplifting,” says Jeff.

Staying in the Navy is certainly his course, as is one day being a medical doctor. In his physique goals, Jeff is looking to get as big as he can naturally. Visit on BodySpace at

—Ian Sitren

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