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Iron Woman Errata – Loose Lips Make Blips

The last of the videos we did on the women’s Olympias are finally up here at In reviewing them, I see (and hear) that I made enough misspeaks and bloopers to get on Keith Olberman’s Worst Persons in the World list. No excuses—well, a few, but mainly, it’s the price you pay for spontaneity.

Here are a few slips o’ the tongue I’d like to correct:

So Sorry, Jules!

In my report on the Fitness O I erroneously listed Julie Palmer in fifth place, with Tanji Johnson in fourth, when in fact it was Jules and her comparisons-winning physique solidly in fourth, which knocked two-time fourth-placer Tanji down a place. Palmer also came within one point of making the top three (and causing even more rain to fall on Kim Scheidler’s parade).

It was Palmer’s best Olympia showing in six appearances at the world’s best pro-fitness competition. Considering her third-place finish at the Fitness International last winter, one would have to conclude that 2008 was a heck of a year for the Columbus, Ohio, hardbody. Despite her hectic schedule as a nurse, trainer and woman with a family, she managed to look her best ever.

As to how this shameful error came to be made: Beware the dangers of multitasking. I was transcribing my notes during the Mr. O judging and got so excited when a certain shapely contestant made the first callout, I lost my place.

Don’t Fry Me, Amy!

In my zeal to point out that a fair number of rookies had gotten a look from the judges at the Figure O, I gushed that places seven through 10 had gone to newbies. In fact, Amy Fry landed in eighth for the second year in a row and so was not a rookie.

Though she made no progress at the big show, Amy did have a lot to be proud of in her stellar sophomore year, earning money at the International, where she made the top three; at the Pittsburgh Pro in May, when she got the big prize; and in Atlantic City a couple of weeks before the O, when she was second to Jen Gates.

As to how this shameful error came to be made: brain fart.

Would You Believe Jacksonville, Kentucky?

On at least two occasions, including the Figure O wrapup video, I stated that Mary Lado had qualified by winning the Kentucky Pro, which was held post-Olympia 2007, when in fact she won the Jacksonville Pro, which took place in early August ’08. I mention the dates because I knew which show I meant (do I get points for that?); I just mixed up the cities. Apologies to Jacksonville promoter Dexter Jackson—along with kudos for his upset victory at the Mr. O.

As to how this shameful error came to be made: I dunno. I used to be good at geography.

So the record is now straight. Everything else I said about the above athletes, especially the nice stuff, is right, at least I think. If you haven’t seen the Ms. and Fitness Olympia reports, check them out here.

Photos (from top):
Julie Palmer twirls her ’brella into fourth place at the Fitness Olympia.
Amy Fry had a stellar sophomore year in the pros.
Mary Lado meant business this time and quarter-turned back into the top five at the Figure O.

A man for all seasons: Dexter Jackson, figure promoter and Mr. Olympia.

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