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Healing Properties of Cabbage

7305-eat7You see it in the market and most commonly prepared in a side dish of American coleslaw; however, this vegetable has more nutrition and healing properties than you may know.

Cabbage has a long history as both a food and a medicine, according to The George Mateljan Foundation for the World’s Healthiest Foods. Red cabbage is unique even among the varieties of this vegetable in that it provides about 30 milligrams of anthocyanin, a dietary antioxidant, in each half-cup serving.

White cabbage, the most commonly eaten variety in the United States, provides about 50 milligrams per half cup. Packed with vitamin K, cabbage also has cholesterol-lowering benefits if steamed—its fiber-related components do a better job of binding together with bile acids in the digestive tract when they’ve been steamed. So take advantage of this great vegetable.

—Ninette Terhart

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