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Hardgainers, Get Happy!

If you’re an ectomorph, a thin, hardgainer type, often frustrated because it’s so hard to add muscle—there’s much to be thankful for. Your body type is the one most women find sexiest.

Most women find bulbous pecs grotesque, and ponderous thighs that touch from crotch to knee make us flee. It’s the leaner look that gets us ready to cook!

Yes, I’m biased. My husband is the ectomorphic type, but that’s what first attracted me to him—lean with just the right amount of muscle. As he’s a bodybuilder, his lack of hyper hypertrophy has often caused him grief. If you’re in that boat, a new study should perk you up.

UCLA researchers analyzed the photos that 141 women chose as most desireable from a physical standpoint. The photos were of shirtless men. Almost all of the women picked leaner guys over those with excessive muscle mass. The researchers believe it’s a choice governed by the biological instinct to seed a healthy, nonthreatening mate. IM

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