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Hangin’ With Kristy—the USA Preview Video

Thanks to Lonnie Teper for nabbing Kristy Hawkins to be my co-anchor on IRON MAN’s USA Women’s Bodybuilding and Figure Preview video. I was supremely impressed with the ’07 NPC National Bodybuilding champ – and Caltech doctoral candidate—at the Nationals, where we did a couple of interviews and shared a postcontest celebration at the downtown Dallas TGI Friday’s, so I wasn’t surprised that the soft-spoken Texas-born flexer came to Mike Neveux’s studio for the recording very well prepared.

Of course, there was a lot of speculation involved – the competitor list for the July 25–26 USA was far from set on July 2, when we shot the video – but prepping for it got me revved up for Jon Lindsay’s huge annual pro-card showdown in Las Vegas.

Click here for the USA Women’s Preview.

Another quick note about Kristy. An incident that occurred at the postcontest eat-a-bration in Texas last fall cemented my good opinion of the new champ. The place was mobbed – it was the only restaurant in the area serving food that late—and when the overloaded staff tried to close the kitchen, Kristy showed true grace under pressure, convincing them in her nice-as-can-be manner to seat our large, hungry party.

Soon thereafter we saw how very hungry she had been – and what a model of restraint. The woman is a champion eater as well as well as a class act.

Contrast that with my cherished memory of a certain Team Universe winner of the male persuasion who took a bunch of us on a screaming cab ride through lower Manhattan in search of a restaurant a few years back. And before you say anything about my mangled imagery, it was the bodybuilder who was screaming – at the cab driver…to “take me to food!”

Photo: Interviewing Kristy Hawkins after the ’07 Nationals. Click here for that video.

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