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Handicapping the Hotlanta Hoedown

I am LMAO at our Women’s Nationals Preview video, starring yours truly and my special guest, ’07 Women’s National champ Kristy Hawkins. Not that it isn’t a fine specimen of its genre, showcasing some of the top figure contenders heading for the NPC’s last big pro qualifier of the season, and Kristy is wonderful in our segment on the battle of the female flexers.

So why the titanic titters? I’m laughing at myself for what has got to be one of the stiffer performances of all time in the opening segment. I swear I thought I was watching a skit on “Saturday Night Live”—very embarrassing for a graduate of one of the country’s better-known schools of communication. In my defense, it was my first experience working with a Teleprompter, and clearly, practice is in order. Also a little simplicity in the prose. (Try saying “transplanted-to-Texas Brazilian bombshell” 10 times fast—I dare you.)

On the other hand, I looked marvelous. Every woman should have the privilege of being lit by Michael Neveux and his staff at least once in her life. Anyone reading this who’s shot with him knows what I mean. Thanks, guys! That was fabulous.

But enough about me. Kristy, who continues to impress onscreen with her poise and knowledge, was in the process of defending her doctoral thesis (in chemical engineering) and leaving Southern California for an exciting new job in the Bay Area the week we taped the video, so I’m particularly appreciative that she could make the time. Especially as our first attempt at getting it in the can (do they still say that?) fizzled when Kristy’s car broke down en route to Mike’s studio, and we had to reschedule.

Now up north and settling in, she reports that things are going well. She’s “just trying to jump into the thick of it as much as possible at work!” she says, and she hopes to jump back into bodybuilding next spring at the New York Pro.

To view IRON MAN’s preview of the ’08 NPC Women’s National Bodybuilding and Figure Championships, click here. And feel free to laugh your AO.

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