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No matter how bad a day you were having or how much your life sucked at the moment, if you had the privilege to meet Greg for even five minutes, you would have probably walked away more confident and believing in yourself than ever before. He had that effect on people.


“I never wake up in the morning telling myself in the mirror what a great job I’ve done. Instead, I tell myself, ‘You better make today count ‘cause you don’t have too many more to play with.’”

He would bring out the best qualities in you and make you feel that you had a purpose in life. Whether he was speaking in front of thousands of people or just shaking hands and taking photos with fans, no one would leave without feeling richer for having met him. I’ve never met anyone in my life with so many talents. Luckily, he chose fitness to be a big part of his life, and through his videos, website and seminars, he became a mentor to thousands of people worldwide.


Greg used to say, “Normality is what weak people call living. It’s what I call death.” Thinking about this, I realize he was too good for this life.  Many things he did seemed to be extreme or unbelievably challenging, but that’s what made Greg who he was and that’s why we loved him.  He didn’t expect to be understood; he created his unique path in life. His energy was infectious—it spread to all of us and impacted us in a positive way.


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