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Food Intolerance and Fat Loss

7301-mind8Q: What’s the best way to test for food intolerance, and do food intolerances affect fat loss?

A: You can test for a food intolerance by getting a blood test, but a simpler way is to eliminate the suspected food for an entire week. If you are intolerant to it, you are likely to feel better quickly after eliminating it, and you’ll find that you start losing fat.

A food intolerance can impede fat loss because it leads to inflammation in the gut—a critical area for the metabolism. When common food intolerances such as gluten and dairy are eliminated, fat loss often kicks in.

On a related note, a poorly functioning gut is sure to inhibit fat loss efforts. Solve or head off the problem by taking a probiotic to ensure that you have adequate stomach acid and good gut bacteria.


—Charles Poliquin 


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