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7306-eat5Beer appears to have health-promoting properties. Like wine, it is an excellent source of flavonoids, according to the January ’14 Bottom Line Health. Beer also provides B-vitamins and bone-building silicon, and it may reduce the risk for kidney stones by 41 percent.

Calcium increases fat loss, according to the May/June ’13 Life Extension. An article published in Nutrition Journal reported that supplementation with calcium and vitamin D reduced bodyfat in overweight college students. “Men and women who received calcium [600 milligrams] and vitamin D [125 I.U.] experienced a 53.6 percent greater decrease in fat mass loss than the control subjects and had a greater reduction in visceral fat mass and fat area.” That was after 12 weeks.

Mushrooms keep you healthy. According to the January ’14 Prevention, a 2013 study found that “people who ate dried shiitakes showed an increase in immune cells.” Researchers say that compounds called polysaccharides appear to activate the immune system. Note: You can get mixed-mushroom capsules; take one daily.

—Becky Holman


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