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7210-eat3Grapefruit may be a good addition to your protein drinks, according to the August ’13 Reader’s Digest. “Mixing this refreshing fruit in a blender breaks down cell walls, which makes cancer-fighting lycopene more available for your body to absorb.

Olive oil can help squash hunger, according to the July/August ’13 Health. “People given olive oil showed a higher level of the satiety hormone serotonin in their blood than those who ate other fats. The aroma had a lot to do with it, so savor the smell before eating.

Dark chocolate has been shown to improve mood, but new research suggests that it may help prevent heart attacks. According to the September/October ’12 Well Being Journal, the flavonoids in the cocoa help the body fight off free-radical damage that can cause cholesterol to turn to plaque on artery walls.

Chewing gum has been found to kill sweet cravings—choose the sugarless variety—and according to the July ’13 Prevention, it can also boost thinking and alertness. How? It increases blood flow to the brain. Oh, and as you chew, you burn more calories. Bonus!

—Becky Holman


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