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Food Facts

• White tea has more epigallocatechin-3-gallate than other types of tea. EGCG is the compound believed to break down fat cells and prevent new ones from forming.

• Soy protein may relieve knee pain and other joint aches, according to researchers at Oklahoma State University. Its isoflavones have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

• Sunflower seeds are packed with vitamin E. Only two tablespoons of the seeds contain more than 40 percent of the RDA for vitamin E.

• Broccoli has almost twice as much protein per calorie as steak: It provides 11.2 grams per 100 calories, while steak has only 5.4. That’s because most of the calories in meat come from fat.

• Grapeseed extract may be the next big preworkout supplement. It’s been shown to increase nitric oxide production in mice, so it could help improve blood pressure and pump you up in the gym.

• Bottled water is not good for the environment. Did you know that it takes three to four times the amount of water in the bottle to make the plastic for the bottle?

-Becky Holman

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