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Figure and Bikini O Predictions—Ooo-eee!

This morning I made my plane reservations for the Olympia. Now I’m really getting excited! Before we get to Vegas on September 23, though, we have one more show for the ladies—the Tournament of Champions Pro Bikini, to be held this Saturday, September 11, at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Culver City, California, in conjunction with an NPC competition of the same name. The lineup will be small but mighty, with Sonia Gonzalez taking that final opportunity to strut her stuff (literally) and say, “Remember me?” to the judges before we convene in Vegas for the big show. It could also be Dina Al-Sabah‘s golden opportunity to qualify for the her first Olympia since the 2004 figure battle.

Nine competitors were scheduled to sass it in Culver City as of a week ago, including USA standout Cathy Miller making her pro debut and Christina Vargas making her bikini debut. Ver-r-r-ry interesting. I’ll see you there.

Speaking of things that are getting me excited about the Olympia. My Figure and Bikini Olympia predictions video is now up. In comparing notes with my girl Nancy DiNino, I find that we agree about the Figure O but are going with different fillies in the race for the first Bikini O title. Nathalia Melo for me vs. Amanda Latona. It could be the fitness model and marketing and management consultant has made the pragmatic choice.

Find Nancy’s predictions below, and watch the video for my Ruthless picks.


Top: Sonia Gonzales, who I suspect will win the TOC on Saturday and who I’m predicting will come in second at the O.

At left: Dina Al-Sabah, here in 2006, is now sporting a sassier look.

Nancy DiNino’s Figure Olympia Predictions

“With Jenny Gates and Gina Aliotti out of the lineup, who is betting against Nicole Wilkins?” DiNino asked. “But,” she added “Erin Stern will be at her heels, I am sure.” Bold woman that she is, she predicted the placings through the top eight:

1) Nicole Wilkins

2) Erin Stern

3. Heather Mae French

4) Kristal Richardson

5) Cheryl Brown

6) Amy Fry

7) Mindi Smith

8) Larissa Reis

DiNino’s Bikini Picks

1) Amanda Latona

2) Nathalie Melo

3) Sonia Gonsalves

4) Ali Rosen

5) Jessica Putnam

6) Diana Dalgren

7) Jamie Baird

Others to watch: Monique Ricardo (formerly Minton).

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