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Fat-to-Muscle negative-accentuated technique

Don’t drop the NA technique unless your goals for your physique have changed.

Q: I’m using the Fat-to-Muscle Workout, and the negative-accentuated technique [one second up/six seconds down] has given me a lot of new muscle. Also, I’ve noticed that the excess muscle trauma has helped me lose fat too. I’m amazed. Now, however, I feel that my mass gains have slowed down. I think it’s because I’ve adapted to the negative-accentuated sets. How can I intensify them? Or should I switch to a different technique for a while?

A: Don’t drop the NA technique unless your goals for your physique have changed. If you’re still trying to lose fat as you build muscle, doing a set with one second up and six seconds down on every rep for every large bodypart will help you get there faster.

If you’ve adapted to it, as you suggest, you can make a standard NA set more intense. Use a heavier weight—one with which you can get only about five NA reps on your own. Then have your partner give you two to three forced reps. He or she should help you move the positive rep at the same speed—about one to two seconds so you do not lose tension on the target muscle—and then you lower by yourself in six seconds.

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