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Fad Diets, Revolutionary New Workouts & Habits

Fad diets don’t work for losing weight!
Revolutionary new work out routines don’t work for burning fat or building lean muscle!

While I’m at it, the new book, computer software, smart phone or seminar will not increase your sales or cause your business to explode!

In fact I think often these very things sabotage our success in the very areas we are trying to improve!

John how can you say that I saw the before and after pics. Everyone is doing the new workout! Hey, at the seminar I’m even going to get to walk on fire so I can conquer my fears!

This is ALL just a distraction, especially walking on fire, unless of course you want to work in the circus.

The reason this things don’t work is because they distract you from the very thing you should be doing – which is altering your habits.

Your eating habits are what help you lose weight.

Your exercise habits are what assist you in burning fat in increasing your muscle mass.

Your daily habits are what make you successful not walking on fire.

When I was in Manhattan real estate I would get my shoes shined at the same few places so I got to know they guys. One day a young man was shining my shoes and he was snapping the rag more aggressively and louder then my usual guy. I asked if that made my shoes shine brighter. “No sir” he said, that’s my advertising to put another butt in that seat when yours gets up! He was great and made a wonderful point.

The before and after pictures are advertising trying to attract your butt. The buzz about the revolutionary workout… You got it, simply buzz to get your butt!

The fire walk, breaking arrows with your neck, walking on glass or any of the other ridiculous things that go on in seminars around the world do nothing for you at all! It is simply advertising to get the next suckers lined up when you go home.

These companies pay a fortune to get the right buzz. To get on the right blogs, on the best TV & radio shows so they can get your attention and close the sale! Nothing more then a loud pop with a very expensive rag.

Habits are the key! But there isn’t much profit in helping people to change their habits and even less profit in telling the truth.

How do you change your habits?

I call this the lifestyle restoration cycle.

Step 1: Write down your “why”. Why you want to do something is even more powerful then how to do it. If you have a big enough why, you will find a way to do it.

Step 2: Write down an action list. The things you will need to do in order to achieve your desired outcome.

Step 3: For the above actions, write down the habits you will need to develop in order to achieve them. ie. you want to lose weight. Start the day off with a healthy breakfast.

Step 4: Identify current habits that are holding you back from achieving your goals. ie. you want to lose weight but eat bagels for breakfast every morning.

Step 5. List your new empowering habits that will replace your old dis-empowering habits. ie replace eating bagels for breakfast with eating eggs for breakfast. Replace watching three hours of TV every night with going for a walk and watching 2 hours of TV.

It’s that simple. Your habits are what determine your success.

Master your habits or they will master you!

Do you find that you have some habits and you are not even sure where you picked them up from? I know I do.

John Rowley  is an author, TV show host, regular contributor to the media and the host of The John Rowley Show Presented by Iron Man Magazine.

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