Transformation: Ryno Cordier

/ Posted 01.29.2015

This month’s impressive body transformer is South Africa’s Ryno Cordier. His before and after photos were taken two years apart. … continue reading

What’s the Secret to Keeping Up with the Joneses?

/ Posted 01.23.2015

America’s Elite Family of Champions” – Jon, Arthur & Chandler Jones– endorse MuscleTech® before a face-off in Sunday’s championship battle between Indianapolis & New England.

Peaking Axis Pt 4

/ Posted 01.22.2015

Years ago I first wrote that contest peaking is about management, not magic. I’d like to wrap up this series … continue reading

Balance Boards and Swiss Balls

/ Posted 01.21.2015

All fields are subject to fads and promotion. Weight training and fitness are no exceptions. The use of balance boards … continue reading

Greg Plitt Dead at 37

/ Posted 01.18.2015

Our hearts go out to Greg’s family and friends. Greg Plitt, actor and renowned fitness instructor, was struck and killed … continue reading

Women, Lifting and Big, Masculine Muscles

/ Posted 01.18.2015

Q: My boyfriend wants me to start bodybuilding, but I don’t want to develop big muscles. How can I get fit, lean and … continue reading

Advanced Training: Barbell Complexes

/ Posted 01.17.2015

This month’s column is all about introducing you to another of my favorite advanced-training techniques—another one that you may not … continue reading

Be Strong and Courageous

/ Posted 01.16.2015

And now, without beating around the bush, hedge or prairie grass, allow me to come straight to the point without … continue reading

New Year Resolutions

/ Posted 01.15.2015

[IM Insiders can download a PDF of this Issue Instantly. Learn More] January first, the birth of a new year.  … continue reading

Genetics and Muscle Gains

/ Posted 01.15.2015

Q: I’m Ahmed from Egypt. I’m 16 years old,  and I’ve just started training. My height is 5’8 1/2”, and … continue reading

Continuous Hypertrophy?

/ Posted 01.15.2015

Since my column was cleverly named Grow Without Plateau (by my good friend  IM editor in chief Steve Holman), I … continue reading

Brignole’s Best Exercises for Training Legs

/ Posted 01.14.2015

Last month Brignole discussed his strategies for working the shoulders. In this final installment he identifies the best exercises for … continue reading

February 2015 Table of Contents

/ Posted 01.13.2015

This month we drop your jaw with our hot winter thaw. Yep, it’s time for our Swimsuit Spectacular.


In for Out, Out for In

The “in-for-out, out-for-in” rule for biceps is that an inward grip, as you’d use on close-grip curls or concentration curls, … continue reading

Join the Iron Man Team: Sales Position Open

/ Posted 01.12.2015

About Iron Man Magazine IRON MAN MAGAZINE was founded in 1936 and is, in fact the oldest magazine in the … continue reading

Grapes May Alleviate Arthritis

/ Posted 01.12.2015

The most common joint disease among Americans is osteoarthritis, a condition in which the natural cushioning between joints—the cartilage—wears away. … continue reading

Does it really matter what you weigh?

/ Posted 01.10.2015

“What are you weighing these days?” “What weight are you gonna come in at?” If you’re a bodybuilder, you have … continue reading

International Sports Hall of Fame World Champion Inductees for 2015

/ Posted 01.09.2015

The International Sports Hall of Fame (www.SportsHOF.org) is pleased to announce their Inductee Class for 2015. They are: Paul “TRIPLE … continue reading

The Importance of Stretching

/ Posted 01.09.2015

Q: How important is stretching to a weightlifter? A: To some extent it depends on the individual, a statement that … continue reading

Fennel Facts

/ Posted 01.09.2015

Fennel is one of those interesting and overlooked plants that you may not consider in your everyday diet but you … continue reading

Train, Eat, Grow 182

w installments I’ve been outlining quick bodypart routines you can use when you’re pressed for time. I covered all the … continue reading

Manipulating Rep Speed

/ Posted 01.08.2015

Q: Should I use plyometric-type “speed” sets to get as big as possible? I am most interested in bodybuilding, but … continue reading

Catch of the Day

/ Posted 01.06.2015

As most bodybuilders know, it’s all about taking in enough protein to maintain and support the muscles we have trained … continue reading

Functional Hypertrophy Clusters

/ Posted 01.06.2015

Q: How can I increase my strength while also gaining some muscle mass? Is there some special method that accomplishes … continue reading

Iron Man Magazine Announces New Ownership

/ Posted 01.05.2015

IMMEDIATE RELEASE Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) January 05, 2015 Iron Man Magazine, the world’s leading bodybuilding and fitness magazine and the … continue reading

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