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Essential Fatty Acids: Plant vs. Animal

7211-eat10A recent study suggests that the long-chain DHAs and EPAs—omega-3s—found in fish oils may increase the risk of prostate cancers. More research is needed, but for me it’s a reason to step up from fish oils and move to plant-based flaxseed and/or chia seed. Some important points:

1) Plant-based omegas are the short-chain ALA form. The body converts what it needs into the DHA and EPA forms, so a DHA problem does not exist.

2) Fish oil supplements are not whole foods, so the amount of DHA and EPA omega-3s—those already converted—can be more concentrated, which may not be good. Research continues.

We need to get our nutrition from natural, organic whole foods. I also believe that plant-based omega-3s are the best and most sustainable for our planet and fish populations. Careful attention has gone into Living Healthy World Stix, which are made from whole and organic flaxseed and chia seed that have been finely milled so that absorption of the nutrients is optimized. Then they’re vacuum-sealed to protect them from oxygen, which deteriorates those fragile omega-3 oils.

For more information on Stix, visit, or see the Living Healthy World ad on page 53.

—Pheo Martin, Ph.D.


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