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East Coast Muscle Tone

While the Cal Pro Figure was shaking up the ranks here on the West Coast on May 28, the New York Pro was rocking the east with competitions in bikini and figure.

In bikini Ali Rosen made up for her fourth-place landing in Pittsburgh at the beginning of the month, while in figure Cheryl Brown duplicated her finish in Pittsburgh—first. That’s three big 2011 wins for Brownie, who was fifth at the Figure International behind Cal Pro winner Felicia Romero.

And the battle for the ’11 Figure Olympia top five continues to heat up.

Photo: Ali Rosen shows what a cool customer she is. Her win in New York was her first in 2011.

Here are the complete results for the New York Pro Figure and Bikini Championships:

’11 New York Pro Bikini

1) Alison Rosen*
2) Abigail Burrows*
3) Missy Coles*
4) Juliana Daniell
5) Tianna Ta
6) Brandy Leaver
7) Kristy Robbins
8) Dayna Maleton
9) Jessica Jessie
10) Tabitha Klausen-Leandri
11) Nathalie Mur
12) Nicole Coleman
13) Christy Merritt
14) Diana Fields
15) Natalie Abrheim
16) Samantha Morris
*Qualifies for the ’11 Bikini Olympia.

’11 New York Pro Figure

1) Cheryl Brown*
2) Heather Dees*
3) Larissa Reis*
4) Alea Suarez
5) Gina Trochiano
6) Candice John
7) Caroline Hernandez
8) Jelena Abbou
9) Josie Zamora
10) Mona Muresan
11) Michelle Bates
12) Charmayne Jackson
13) Rachel LeBlanc
14) Candice Houston
*Qualifies for the ’11 Figure Olympia.

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