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Danny Hester

Age: 41

Weight: 176

Height: 5’6”

Training: Workout 1: back, rear delts; workout 2: chest, front delts; workout 3: biceps, triceps; workout 4: quads, hamstrings; workout 5: abs, calves

Titles: ’10 NPC National Championships, welterweight, 2nd; ’10 NPC USA Championships, middleweight, 3rd

Sample routine (back, delts): Rows, 8 x 8; Lateral raises, 8 x 8

Factoids: He’s an animal lover, MMA expert, inventor (see www.GFlex.TV for more info) and writer. “My goal is to bring back symmetry and health to the game and inspire people to keep trying to exercise and eat to live, not live to eat.”

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