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Code Red

MuscleMeds Performance Technologies has spared no expense in making Code Red the most powerful workout amplifier ever developed. Each serving delivers a muscle-pumping, vein-popping 4.5-gram dose of what the company calls sigma-tau-certified GlycoCarn in combination with powerful anabolic agents, ergogenic optimizers and free-radical neutralizers. The objective: to create a scientifically superior bodybuilding supplement. Code Red’s potent combination of clinically researched, proprietary and patented ingredients is designed to take your workouts to a new level of excellence. GlycoCarn is the only nutritional compound proven in numerous clinical studies to increase nitric oxide production, improve anaerobic performance, speed recovery, reduce lactic acid, burn fat and improve energy.

Code Red’s unique mind/muscle synergy induces a heightened state of focus and muscle power, enabling you to train harder, heavier and longer to stimulate new growth. To support the heightened training intensity, MuscleMeds researchers developed the proprietary MyoGuard ROS—reactive oxygen species—complex, which neutralizes exercise-induced free radicals, encouraging your muscles to build, repair and recuperate faster, maximizing growth and recovery.

No doubt about it: Code Red has a big-time body-building agenda:

• Clinically dosed GlycoCarn for best nitric oxide–infused pumps ever

• Beta-alanine and creatine, which synergize for anabolic effects and explosive power

• Free-radical neutralizers to increase endurance and improve recovery

• Ergogenic energizers to ignite psychoactive intensity

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