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Caroline Prefontaine Training @ GoldsGym byJerryFredrick2013

NAME: Caro Lion
AGE: 31
WEIGHT: 135 lbs
HEIGHT: 5 feet 4 inches

WHY DID YOU START TRAINING: I have been training with weights since I was 19 but didn’t start focused, serious training until I joined Gold’s Gym at 25. I started because I was depressed and felt uncomfortable in my body. I wanted to look and feel better about myself! 

NUMBER OF DAYS PER WEEK YOU TRAIN: I train with weights 3 days a week, and do other forms of exercise 2 days a week. 

BODYPART SPLIT: Since I do weight training 3 days a week, I typically do a full body work out. For example, upper + lower + abs. The upper portion is split between pushing/pulling and lower is hamstrings/butt. I don’t train quads because I ride my bike a lot and I’m genetically blessed with large quadriceps! I used to do 5 days of weight training with a more typical ‘body builder’ split work out, but got bored with that once I got my body shape to where I like it, so now I do more outdoor activities which keeps things exciting and refreshing. 

SAMPLE BODYPART ROUTINE: My workouts are always changing! I get bored easily with routine despite loving the routine aspect of training (ha!) so I mix things up a lot. I watch You Tube videos to learn new moves. My work outs are comprised of a fusion of weight training, dance, basic gymnastics, and A LOT of stretching. Strength and flexibility are yin and yang for me, I can’t focus on just one! 

FACTOIDS: I love movement! I love my body! I love eating! I ride a unicycle. I do handstands. I’m a singer. I do clothing resale on ebay. I’m a mystic. I have many nicknames, among them are TSG – Tattooed Stretchy Girl, Saturn Girl, Galaxy Girl… all names given to me by my friends at Gold’s! 

DIET: I allow myself to eat what I want but what I want to eat is healthy! I eat clean 95% of the time. I do NOT like dieting. I do not limit my calorie intake – I’m a very active girl with a lot of muscle mass so I need to EAT! Lucky me, I rarely crave sugar. I have one or less drinks a week. I base my diet around protein because it helps me stay lean and muscular. I drink TONS of water! I don’t eat a lot of bread nor dairy. I feed my body only the healthiest of foods because I am a fuel efficient machine! 

SUPPLEMENTS: I take a multi vitamin, biotin and iron for my hair, skin and nails. I use only plant protein infused with amino acids because I do not like the effects of whey on my mucus membranes for singing. I take magnesium powder to help my muscles relax. I do not use pre-work out boosts. If I’m low on energy, I work out according to my natural energy levels. 

HOW CAN I BE REACHED: Facebook ‘CARO LION’ email [email protected]

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