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Caro Lion

7305-mind3Caro Lion

Age: 31  Weight: 135

Height: 5’4”

Workout strategy: My workouts are always changing! I get bored easily with routine, so I mix things up a lot. They are a fusion of weight training, dance, basic gymnastics and a lot of stretching.

Bodypart split: I do three full-body weight-training workouts a week. I don’t train quads, however, because I ride my bike a lot and I’m genetically blessed with large quadriceps. I used to work out five days a week on a more typical bodybuilder split, but once I got my body shape to where I like it, I switched to doing more outdoor activities, which keeps things exciting and refreshing.

Factoids: I love movement! I love my body! I love eating! I ride a unicycle. I do handstands. I’m a singer. I do clothing resale on eBay. I’m a mystic. I have many nicknames, including  TSG—Tattooed Stretchy Girl—Saturn Girl, Galaxy Girl, all given to me by my friends at Gold’s!

Contact: [email protected]

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