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Bojana Vasiljevic

7309-mind1Bojana Vasiljevic

Age: mid-20s

Weight: 105 (contest) 112 (off-season)

Height: 5’1”

Profession: Personal trainer and nutritionist; IFBB athlete

Bodypart split: Monday, chest; Tuesday, back; Wednesday, delts; Thursday, off; Friday, legs; Saturday, arms

Training notes: My training combines lots of track workouts and intervals with basic traditional weight training. I also like to throw plyometrics and swimming into the mix.

Factoids: She’s an IFBB figure pro working as a personal trainer and life coach out of Gold’s Gym, Venice. Originally from Serbia, she’s a former gymnast and track athlete, and she also competed in equestrian events. After high school she earned a degree in nursing and later got a degree in sports nutrition and fitness from Belgrade University.




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