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Hot Doggin’ It

7309-eat7When I think of hot dogs, I’m reminded of being a kid on those hot summer nights watching baseball games with my brother and his friends at the Exhibition Stadium. Well, it’s still summer, so I wanted to share a fun and light summer snack that may tickle the youth in you.

What you need: 3 hot dogs (chicken, beef or turkey—look at the labels and use ones that are 45 to 50 calories and 97 percent fat-free), 3 Romaine lettuce leaves, mustard, two tablespoons of ketchup and nonfat cooking spray.

Spray a pan, and heat on medium-to-high setting. Butterfly the dogs lengthwise and place open side down in the pan.

Cook for five to six minutes or until they’re nice and brown. Flip the dogs, and brown the other side for a couple of minutes.

Arrange the dogs open faced, one inside each Romaine leaf, and squeeze some mustard along the length of the hot dog. For an added yum factor, try dipping them in ketchup!

Keep in mind that you can save about 35 calories if you limit the ketchup to half the serving size listed on the label.

Nutritional breakdown per dog: 200 calories, 3 grams of fat, 10 grams of carb and 18 grams of protein.

If you miss having hot dogs in the summer—or anytime—these are a great alternative that will keep you looking lean!

—Ninette Terhart


Editor’s note: Ninette Terhart is a multi-award-winning bodybuilder and fitness and wellness coach based in Los Angeles.


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