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Blast From The Past

Today I opened up my social media upon waking and did my usual scroll through. I just see what people are up to and posting/arguing about, thing on about my day. Well recently, FB has been doing the 'see your memories' posts. I always check them just to see what I was up to a few years ago. It's really nice because I can see the growth and change over the years and am able to see that my life is going in the direction that I believe it's headed. So today's memory was from two years ago and it was this picture.


This picture is exactly 2 years ago and roughly 10 to 12 lbs lighter than I am now. I'm often asked how long it took me to lean out to this. And in all honestly, it didn't take as long as you would think. I gave myself 8 weeks, but I BS'd the first 2 weeks. Then 2 weeks was spent 'in transition' so I really only 'dieted' (strictly) for about 4 weeks. I didn't necessarily watch my macros, just made sure my calorie intake was below my expenditure (basics!). But it was nice to see the picture and remind me what I am capable of. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we want to eventually accomplish that we forget our journey and what we already have accomplished. Today is the start of so many other journeys that I am beginning and I need to just remember that I have already been through so much. It's ok if it takes longer than I expect because I already know I am capable of accomplishing so much. I think now I am finally understanding what it means to just enjoy the ride.

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