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Few things are as impressive as thick and meaty outer lats. Beefy wings really fill out a shirt, and they can even be appreciated when a physique is turned to the side. So how do you go about getting extreme development in this area? IFBB superstar and two-time Arnold Classic champion Dexter “the Blade” Jackson knows how. “I do wide-grip T-bar rows,” he says, “with the bar in the corner.”

Critics say the exercise provides a somewhat limited range of motion. Not only is Dexter aware of that, but he says that’s exactly why he does it. “It’s meant to be a partial movement,” he explains. “The width of the 45-pound plates, together with your wide hand spacing, means that you can’t get your elbows too far back. You can’t pinch your shoulder blades together the way you can with most other rowing movements. And that puts the stress directly on the outer lats. People always talk about wide-grip chins being the best way to get a wide back, but this version of T-bar rows will really spread those wings out—and make them thicker too.” 

Since Dexter’s back has been steadily improving over the years and regularly trumps those of rivals that outweigh him by as much as 50 to 80 pounds, his suggestion might be worth a try. Just be careful to maintain good form and an arch in your back. Any partial movement will let you use greater weight, which can in turn mean greater risk of injury if you’re careless with your form. 

—Ron Harris

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