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Being Fat Is A Choice

Yes I said fat!  I know, I know its a disease or a syndrome!

Obesity and being a fatty is the cause of disease but it is not a disease itself.

Sure you will kill yourself with diabetes, cancer, heart disease and you will pay the price through depression or a host of other things that can destroy your quality of life.

In this day and age of the internet and 24 hour TV you have all the information you need to get healthy and fit.

You are not fat because you don’t have the right information!

You are not on the wrong diet or exercise program!

You are fat because you haven’t yet made the choice to be fit.

Yes choose to be fit.  Choose to eat lean protein and vegetables instead of Cinnamon buns, pizza and ice cream.

Choose to go to the gym instead of to the couch or better yet set your alarm an hour early and get up and exercise.

Taking care of yourself first thing in the morning is a very powerful way to start your day.

Choose to get to bed on time instead of watching late night TV.

Simply replace a couple of daily habits that make you fat and replace them with habits that will make you fit!

Its that simple!  Choose fit habits and not fat habits and your body and your life will change in no time!

Old School New Body, which you can find on this site, is a great tool if you want to develop some simple habits that will make getting fit easy and time efficient.

You can do this!

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