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Bacon-and-Eggs Pancake

This traditional-sounding meal is anything but traditional tasting. It’s a great way to eat egg whites and enjoy a flavor-filled meal that’s lean and low in calories.

What you need: 2 cups egg whites, lean turkey bacon, dry, grated Parmesan, nonfat cooking spray.

Lightly spray a skillet, and preheat for two minutes.

Arrange four strips of the turkey bacon in the pan, and let it cook until the bacon looks a little overcooked.

Pour the two cups of egg whites all around the bacon until it is covered.

Sprinkle the Parmesan over the whole pancake, and let it cook for at least five minutes or until the egg whites on the top look thicker and less liquid.

Flip over the pancake, and let the other side cook for three to five minutes. The more well done the pancake, the better it’s gonna be!

You can dribble some ketchup and or the hot sauce of your choice over the pancake to add some zing, but it’s delicious right out of the pan!

Makes one serving, containing: calories, 400; protein, 56 grams; fat, 10 grams; carb, 4 grams

—Ninette Terhart

Editor’s note: Ninette Terhart is a multi-award-winning bodybuilder and fitness-and-wellness coach based in Los Angeles.

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