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Ah’ll-Be-Back Delt Attack by IRON MAN Editors
Terminate weak delts with the Arnold press.

Back in Action by Greg Zulak
Build Rugged Traps and Cookie-Cutter Upper-Back Detail

Building a Great Back by Larry Scott
Larry Scott’s back-blasting advice, part 2

Building the Ultimate Physique:by John Little
John Little\'s Back Specialization

Chin to Win the Back Game by Ron Harris
Pull up to widen out.

Home Grown Back by Steve Holman
How to Build a Double-Wide Triple-Thick Back With Nothing but Dumbbells

The Power of Intention by David Young
How To Get That Mountain-Range Back:

You’ll Never Have a Great Back by Ron Harris
Unless You Follow These 10 Rules

abs POF Critical Mass Video/DVD
For bodybuilders of all levels who want a no-nonsense effective approach to building muscle fast.
abs 2003 Battle for the Olympia
Superstar workouts covering abs, shoulders, back, biceps, chest, arms and legs!
abs Home Ab Bench
The one and only ab exercise bench to work your entire abs.
abs Anatomy Posters by Delavier
Masterful anatomical artwork. Region specific, full color 24×31.
abs Critical Legs & Back
One to two sets in each position for each area is all you need for a powerful pump.
abs Schiek Workout Belts
Contoured shape fit the natural curve of the spine, extremely comfortable and secure.
abs Leverage T-Row Bar
Build a strong back the old-fashioned way with new technology.
beginning bodybuilding Ultimate Bodybuilding Encyclopedia
Arnold, Haney, Mentzer and others reveal their techniques and secrets in their own words.

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