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Back from LA Fit Expo

After an awesome weekend in LA working with the awesome staff of Ironman at the Fit Expo, I’m back to the real world. Diana and I got home at midnight and I was up at 5:45 this morning to get to my clients at Hyde Park Gym. After a busy morning I got to do my own workout. Today it was legs. I always return from the Fit Expo inspired to train like a beast. But, I’m still having pain in the adductor that I tore last year, so I had to throttle it back a bit. Rather than lift heavier and risk tearing it again, I used Steve Holman’s 4X training method with some modifications. Here’s today’s workout:

Bike 10 mins
Leg press 90×25, 180×20, 230×20, 270×20
320 for 4 sets of 20 w/ 30 sec rests

95 for 4 sets of 10 w/ 30 sec rests (my first time to do bk squats since Oct)

Leg curls 30×10, 35×10 x8x8. W/ 30 sec rests

Leg ext 70x12x10x10x10x10. W/ 30 sec rests

Hack calf raise 100 for 4 sets of 12 w/ 30 sec rests

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