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Ava in the Snow, Almost.

Finally got a little “me time” after Christmas and just before the first major winter storm on the East Coast.  Here in Dover, Delaware, we received seven inches of the frozen white stuff by this morning.  I rather get the storms out of the way now instead of later.  I’m hoping the weather will be cooperating with my travel plans for the IRON MAN Magazine Naturally, Jan. 29, 2011, and the Arnold Sports Festival, Mar. 3-6, 2011.  I’ve been lucky traveling during the winter months in years past to cover those events; I just feel the odds will slowly catch up to me sooner or later.  Although, I have been hosed traveling in the early fall a couple of years ago by a severe line of thunderstorms passing over Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) Airport.  Long story short, I had to drive up to Philadelphia International to catch an early morning flight in order to make it in time to cover prejudging.  That was crazy & too close for comfort.

Yesterday, I seized the moment to do some fun photography with the February 2011 edition of IRON MAN Magazine (on newsstands the first week in January).  With Ava Cowan gracing the cover and kneeling over some lucky guy (actually, it is Kyle Clarke), I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to stage my “2nd Annual IRON MAN Magazine in the Mailbox During a Snowstorm” photo.  Last year’s photo was taken on Dec. 19, 2009, where Dave Goodin and Crystal West sat in my mailbox.  Scroll down to see last year’s photo in my blog.

In the February 2011 edition, check out Ava, Alicia Marie, Tiffany Toth, Nadine Dumas, Natasha Yi,  and Chady Dunmore in “Beauty on the Beach” starting on page 142.  Don’t forget to read the rest of the magazine…you may have to make a “snow angel” in your swim suit or take a dip in the Pacific to cool down after viewing those pics.  I’m going with the boxers!

Receiving IRON MAN Magazine in the mail is like having Christmas 12 times a year!  If you still need some warming up, check out Ava’s swimsuit video.

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