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Ava Cowan

Ava Cowan
Figure Champion

Height: 5’4”
Weight: 123
Hometown: Sacramento, California
Current residence: Pompano Beach, Florida
Marital status: In a relationship
Workout schedule:
Monday: legs
Tuesday: shoulders, abs;
Wednesday: off;
Thursday: biceps, back;
Friday: chest, triceps

Sample bodypart workout (legs): barbell squats, 4 x 10; leg extensions, 4 x 10; Butt Blaster, 4 x 8-10; lying leg curls, 4 x 8-10; Romanian deadlifts, 4 x 9-10; seated calf raises, 4 x 8; standing calf raises (drop sets), 4 x 8(10), 8(8), 8(8), 8(8)

Favorite foods: “I love sushi, dark chocolate, Mexican food and pizza, although I rarely eat any of them. As for healthful foods, I enjoy the basics, such as London broil and brown rice. If I’m eating a quality muscle-building protein along with a low-glycemic-index carbohydrate, I’m very happy.”

Factoids: “I’m the current Ms. Figure America world champion and a WNSO figure professional. I graduated from Fitness Institute International, where I obtained my CPTS, and am certified through NSCA-CPT as well. Additionally, I’ve started to work with women preparing for competition. I work with them extensively on stage presentation, quarter turns, costume selection and nutrition. I’ve won overall titles in the NPC (’05 Southern States), the FAP (’07 Ms. Figure America) and FAME (’07 FAME North American Advanced Figure Champion), and I feel very excited and confident that I’m able to share my experience with other women.”

Future plans: “I’m currently collaborating with Dream Tan Competition Color to develop a brand-new color I can endorse. I can promise that you won’t want to step onstage wearing anything else. Also, I’m looking to team up with a quality sports supplement company so that I may continue to compete at the professional level.”

Contact info: For bookings contact [email protected] or visit

Compiled by Johnathan Lawson
Photography by Michael Neveux

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