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An Apple a Day“Fruit provides valuable phytochemicals that benefit health, yet the fructose content is a concern for many because it’s a type of sugar that cannot be directly utilized by the muscles,” according to Jim Stoppani, Ph.D. “Only the liver has the capability of converting fructose into glycogen—the storage form of carbohydrates.”

The problem with fructose arises when the liver glycogen levels are full. Since we aren’t equipped with fuel gauges to tell us how full our livers are, should we avoid fruit altogether? No, there are times when fruit is not only okay, it’s actually helpful.

According to research from the Nippon Sport Science University (Tokyo) and the University of Arts and Sciences (Saitama, Japan), an apple is a good carb to have 20 to 30 minutes before a workout because its high fructose content and fiber makes it low-glycemic. Plus, the polyphenols in apples can provide increases in strength and endurance and decrease bodyfat.

—Ninette Terhart


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